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Background Terms


Islam is a “religious faith of Muslims” (islam).  It is a religious system that was established by the prophet Muhammad, and taught by the Koran, which is “the basic principle of which is absolute submission to a unique and personal god, Allah” (islam).  The word “Islam” is “from an Arabic root word meaning ‘peace’ and ‘submission’” (Huda).  The culture changes from country to country.  For example, the foods will be different in Egypt than you would find in Afghanistan.  The Muslim faith states that “Islam Originated [sic] from the beginning of the mankind, the first human being on earth was Adam who was the prophet of God and was Muslim” (  This relates to the book because the main character Amir is of Islamic faith.

Compiled by: Jamie K. Hoppe

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A Muslim is “a follower of the religion of Islam” ( are a very unselfish group of people. There social life is extended out to other family and people around them and they are open about other people. They have a Diet of wheats and grains (no beef cows are sacred) and some meats, their national sport is a form of Polo, also known as Buzkashi. Their religion is mostly Islam and they worship there god Allah (for more information on Islam Check out Islam on our blog).

The Muslims have been dealing with strenuous government problems with illegal immigration for the past 6 years and have been dealing with so much more in that 6 years, year after year it has progressively changed and their government has struggled with it all because of the United states of America entering their territory.

Complied by: Ocktober Pross

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The taliban is “(in Afghanistan) a fundamentalist Islamic army” (taliban).  They came to power during the Civil War of Afghanistan, which started in September 2001.  They are a symbol of different things to different people.  To the U.S./Britain forces, they are a force to be reckoned with.  “To some Afghans, the Taliban are a rallying banner against nine years of broken promises, abuse and corruption by western governments and their Afghan proxies in Kabul.  To other Afghans, they are a terrorizing [sic] force that takes control of an area and hangs a tribal elder in the village square as a warning of the punishment meted out to spies and government collaborators” (Ghafour).  It is a well known fact that the Taliban has had a history of violence.  This relates to the book because the Taliban is closely related to the Islam faith.

Compiled by: Jamie K. Hoppe

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So you came to read a book

We believe that reading is good for the body and soul no matter how cliché that sounds. For those who have chosen to read The Kite Runner, we believe you as a reader have made a good choice in a piece of literature. This website is for some information into the background of the book. It allows you to see further into what is around the story and how things relate as well.

From the blogger, enjoy.